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Bigotry & Prejudice

Let me ask you this:  would you object if our country’s leaders declared that African-Americans aren’t capable of running for office because they were unqualified?  Would you get upset if Mexicans were barred from public office because they weren’t “born” with the right skills?  How would you feel if suddenly a survey “proved” that women shouldn’t have the vote after all, due to their lack of innate potential?

I hope you are having a suitable Catalyst response:  you would immediately rebel against this sort of discrimination.

Now let me put something else to you:  this sort of thing happens using Type all the time, and no one challenges it. 

I was involved with a Type organization when it was suggested that volunteer work be distributed within the group according to Type.  How would that work, I wonder.  I suppose introverts wouldn’t be allowed to interface with the public or give presentations?  Perhaps they would be hidden away to do “backroom” jobs.  And of course we could never trust our treasury to an “F” or a “P” for similar reasons, right?  They simply aren’t born with the skills needed to do that job.  Certainly all SPs should be herded into the nearest prison wholesale, and all the NTJs should be endowed with power and authority immediately.  Only “F’s” can be trusted to talk to people, and everything technical should be left to NTs.  SJs would be assigned all the chores.

Only today I came across an article that claimed only "Ns" make suitable managers.

I have gotten emails from people complaining that their company was using Type to decide what jobs people were assigned to, or what promotions would be given out.* 

Are these forms of bigotry any different than those based on gender or ethnicity?

It's no wonder people are wary of Type when it’s applied in these unethical and inappropriate ways.  It's no wonder people “falsify type” or decide they’re a type they aren’t.

Please don’t be guilty of these sins in your own use of type.  When you talk about the types, ask whether you could speak about [say] Japanese people the same way... or Latinos.  If you wouldn’t do that, then don’t speak about the Types that way either. 

Can you see how it's no different?


*such acts are illegal

* * *