Snowy Night

Railway commuters are sometimes less than polite -- competing for parking spots in the morning and trying to be the first off the train and out of the lot at the end of the day.  One night, near-blizzard conditions delayed a train for hours, and the riders were short-tempered by the time it pulled into the station.  They piled off -- and stopped short in shock.  The parking lot was filled with snowdrifts and a hundred look-alike mounds of white. 

A couple of men went first and began vigorously rubbing the hoods of two cars.  "Here's a red one!" the first man called out.  "Here's a blue one!" said the other.

Suddenly everyone joined in.  From across the parking lot came cries of "Here's a white Ford!" and "Found a green Toyota!"  Everybody seemed to be helping one another, and before long they were all reunited with their cars.  No one left in a hurry that night, and a few people even waited to make sure the others made it out safely.