A Very Special Olympics

A couple of years ago at the Special Olympics the nine finalists in the hundred-yard dash prepared for the start of the race.  When the gun went off, these contestants with various disabilities headed down the track toward the finish line.  Part way down the track, one of the competitors fell.  He tried to get up, but fell again.  He tried again, but without success.  Finally he just lay on the track and began to sob.

One by one the other eight contestants heard his sobbing and stopped.  They all headed back toward their fallen competitor.  When they got there they helped him up and all nine contestants held hands, walked down the track, and crossed the finish line together.  The crowd couldn't believe it.  They rose to their feet and gave a fifteen-minute standing ovation.

These young people may have been disabled physically, but they were very advanced spiritually.  They knew that we're called on to serve others, not ourselves.  

Go and do the same.