There is a story of two Zen monks who meet by a river.  Each recognizes that the other is from a neighboring monastery and inquires into the nature of the other's teacher. 

One monk says, "My teacher is the greatest of all.  He can fly, he can walk on water, he can go without breathing for twenty minutes!" 

The other monk nods slowly and smiles, saying, "Oh, your master is very great indeed.  But my master is yet greater:  when he walks he simply walks.  When he talks he only talks.  When he eats there is only eating." 

One teacher had "powers," but the other had power. 

Powers are desired only by that within us which feels powerless.  Considering the sizable labyrinth of the ego, for most, "the powers" are traps.  

A much greater miracle is simply to be present in our lives, able to open to the moment, treasuring mercy and awareness.

Guided Meditations, Explorations and Healings
by Stephen Levine