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posted by VJ on Oct 8

The following video blew me away with what human beings can achieve.

Now in no way am I suggesting he has INFJ preferences, or the Catalyst temperament.  The reasons I’m sharing this include:

1) it’s just plain inspiring

2) it’s an incredible metaphor for INFJs.  INFJs “feel” their way with people much like dolphins use echolocation to navigate. 

Now point #2 assumes that you already know dolphins are the animal “totem” for INFJs, and are familiar with my webpage on that topic. If not, the link is here. You may wish to familiarize yourself with that material before clicking the link. That way you’ll have a context for viewing.

As a metaphor, I’d like this to provoke some introspection about how YOU perhaps use echolocation to “navigate” with people (albeit not in the Sensing way that’s being shown here). Take a moment to go inside and “check in” with yourself about how you intuitively “sense” what people are about and “calibrate” your energy to match them.

I’d love to hear how you connect with this idea. :-)