posted by VJ on Aug 31

Wooohooo! Celebrate with me!

At last I am releasing my new multi-media product, “Can You Spot It?: Recognizing the 8 Cognitive Processes.”

This has been a year in the making — I have devoted untold hours of effort toward bringing this dream into reality. I took it back to the drawing board at least three times before it achieved the level of quality that I wanted, and I battled recalcitrant software for months on end, striving to bring it all together.

This product is borne of the frustration I experienced on sooo many levels. Here are a few:

1) As a life coach and Type Discovery expert, there were sooo many things I wanted to communicate about type to my clients that we never had time for. Coaching is not lecturing, so I typically could not share all that I knew about the eight functions to help my clients with their development process. This product addresses that gap. Finally I get to spill what I know!

2) For a long time now I’ve had several type-based websites online with richer and more helpful information than the majority of type-related websites out there. IN SPITE OF THAT, I get emails everyday from people who simply don’t grasp what I’m talking about. It is clear to me that there is an epidemic of type doubt and type misunderstanding out there, and not enough hours in the day to set it straight. This product helps people improve their psychological literacy, which in turn helpa them discover and honor their own best-fit type pattern, AND helps them discern how type shows up in the world in general. Type is sooo much more than an abstract model. We are living and breathing it nearly every moment of every day. This product helps you grasp that.

3) I have repeatedly felt heartbroken at the way some people use type to fuel their biases and bash other type patterns in this ignorance. So I consider this product to be my first attempt at winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I believe it portrays type the way it was always intended, and will help others grasp what the intent underlying this powerful model always was. A whole lot of celebrities are chattering about “consciousness” right now, such as experts like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, etc., who all want to help us evolve our consciousness. And yet they’re missing this piece! Jung was all about consciousness and unconsciousness, and type was a vital aspect of his work. It’s imperative we not abandon that aspect of consciousness and leave Jung out of the conversation.

Those are merely three of the many forces that kept me going with this product, even when I thought I was going to DIE from all the details, when the software crashed and burned and destroyed hours of labor, and when the Blue Screen of Death appeared with regularity on my computer screen. Aghhhhh!

Now for all the effort I’ve devoted to this product for the past year, I should be charging ten times the amount I’m charging for it — yet I made a decision early on that I wanted to share this message with as many people as possible, and strive to positively impact the way people hold type. So I priced it for less than the cost of two coaching sessions (I dare you to find a better deal than this one!). The cool thing is that, by using this delivery method, it’s even more educational than a live, in-person workshop could ever be. It reaches far beyond the limitations of four workshop walls.

Here’s a YouTube I created to whet your whistle and give you an idea of what this product is like, AND if you want to view the full-length version (which is twice as long), I encourage you to hustle to my new website, and sign up for the FR*EE BONUS, which gives you immediate access.

Whatever you choose, if you are genuinely interested in type, I hope you will avail yourself of this resource. Truly, there is nothing else out there like it, and it will SKYROCKET your understanding of type. I’m confident about that, or I wouldn’t have devoted a year of my life to producing it.

Here’s a peek:

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