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posted by VJ on Dec 31

Whew!  I feel like I’ve wasted half the day struggling with html code.  Blech!

Anyway, I’ve just done an update on one of my pages, and I’m sharing the newest material here as well.

The page describes our preferred communication style, and it’s located at on this page from my main site.

Here’s what was updated:

Dr. Linda Berens talks about how our communication style is “hard-wired” — it’s not only the words we use, it’s how clearly we telegraph our wishes.  So without getting hung up on specific content — ask yourself whether you’re a person who naturally causes people to jump into action (or cease action instantly), or whether you normally eschew that kind of delivery. 

Following is a 5-minute video that illustrates hard-wired differences between directing and informing via movement. You might want to view it multiple times in order to discern the differences.

For the record, I aspire to do sheaves, and yet I confess that my body seems better suited to chopping. I could have been a flight attendant or a traffic cop. (I was a cheerleader!) Don’t overlook how directing I am with Pete — I practically pick him up to move him where I want him to be. Sigh!

After the viewing, I invite you to participate in my poll (pardon the weird coloring):

I’d be delighted to hear how helpful you found this information to be. :-)