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posted by VJ on Aug 1

I’ve been meaning to set up an INFJ blog for some time now, but two things stopped me:

1) The blog listing “INFJ” was already taken on And there’s no contact information for me to whine and try to pry it away from the current owner. So I couldn’t have the name I really wanted. So that stopped me in my tracks for a while.


2) I couldn’t figure out how to organize a blog. With my INFJorINFP blog, I simply created a blog entry for every page on the site, and invited people to post their comments about each page. That was it was automatically organized.

There are a lot more pages on  What to do, what to do….

I’m just going to throw this blog up for now and see where it goes. I’m always wanting to change things, so I’ll just roll with the punches for now and see what happens. I’ll try to “Dance in the moment,” as we coaches like to say.

It’s funny how much you can get to happen once you lower your standards and let go of the need to be prepared for everything. I don’t *always* have to see around corners.