posted by VJ on Mar 16

I saw this video today, and it struck me as a really interesting representation of introverted iNtuiting. After all, Ni is a “fantasy life” in many respects. What this woman goes through in her bed reminds me of how often I fall into bed and live a thousand lifetimes before I wake up in the morning. Does anyone else reading this have that experience?

Anyway, see what you think of the video. (Remember, it’s not about the song, it’s about the images!)

Introverted iNtuition ??

Recently I heard John Beebe speak about introversion. He showed a character in a movie who was trying to figure out where he had seen somebody before using their introverted sensing. You could see the wheels turning in the character’s head as he tried to place where he had seen this man before. He was completely engaged with his inner world. And John said that was classic introverted behavior: “you go for it in there, not out there.”

And John’s statement really took my fancy. How often am I inside myself, looking for answers in there, not out there? And this video likewise caught my fancy, because it seemed like an interesting representation of my inner life, where I’m going for it in there… so much of the time.

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  1. Charles Says:

    Hey Vicky Jo,
    Thanks for sharing the video. It was wonderful to watch the way each different ‘idea’ seamlessly flowed from one to the next; it reflects quite beautifully the way the mind can, so easily and cleverly, associate disparate thoughts into a cohesive whole. Like you I could easily see the close mapping between the images portrayed in the video and the way that Ni imagines or thinks about things, at least from another infj perspective. Given that Robin is also Ni dominant, does the video portray a similar close mapping from his perspective?

    ~ Charles

  2. rakkav Says:

    For someone in the midst of an introverted process, that young lady’s surely “way out there”. :) How many hours did it take to shoot that video, I wonder? (Rhetorical question.)

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