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 Dumb Ways
to Pick Your Type

Take an online test and accept the results at face value

Take an online test over and over and then pick the "average" result

Compare yourself to pictures posted on the Socionics website

Take a test and change one letter without investigating the whole type pattern

Pick the four letters that appeal to you the most

Decide you're the same type as your best friend or romantic partner

Take the MBTI and accept the results at face value (especially the Step II!)

Let a so-called expert tell you what type you are

Join a mailing list for a particular type and decide you like it there so you must be that type

Ask everybody on Facebook to tell you what type you are

Ask people on a type message board to tell you which type you are

Get attached to the "scores" associated with a test you took and imagine they mean something significant

Let somebody analyze your emails and tell you what type you are

Have others analyze a video you made and tell you what type you are

Decide you don't want to be a "J" or "P" because it sounds bad

Pick the four letters you think you *should* be

Try to pick a type code that everybody likes

Ask your real-life friends what type you are

Examine your "motives" to see what type you ideally would be

Mistake your dominant process for the J/P in your code (for introverts)

Fall in love with portions of a type description you read on the internet (especially ones that say you're rare, unique, or misunderstood)

Decide you are the same type as a celebrity you admire

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