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February 28, 2008: "Getting to Know You" | Recording
Our first get-together! But due to some technical hitches, several people who wanted to attend could not join us.

March 27, 2008: "Getting to Know You (Do-Over)" | Recording
So we decided to run the introductory call again, and this time, those who missed out last month were able to participate.

April 24, 2008: "Introversion/Extraversion" | Recording
We discussed how introversion and extraversion relate to the INFJ personality type. I asked participants on the call to do an interesting exercise, which they said gave them some new insights into their personality. So, when you listen to this call, please do it as if you had been there. Don't just listen -- participate as if you had been on the call. (You may wish to pause from time to time in order to speak your part and fully participate.)
You'll get so much more out of it if you do! Are you up for it?

May 29, 2008: "Procrastination" | Recording
We explored the topic of procrastination and how it impacts the INFJ personality type.

June 19, 2008: "Fear" | Recording
What is fear and what can be done about it?

July 17, 2008: "Identity" | Recording
What does identity mean to an INTJ?

August 21, 2008: "Vacation" | No Recording
(Vacation -- no recording.)

September 18, 2008: "Friendship" | Recording
What does friendship mean to an INFJ?

October 23, 2008: "Meet an INTJ" | Recording
What is it like to to interact with an INTJ?

November 20, 2008: "Happiness" | No Recording
What does happiness mean to an INFJ?

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