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INFJ Change Agents
(aka Catalysts)

We are all slow learners, but we are all educable.
                          -Virginia Satir


Virginia Satir's work was guided by the basic outcome questions:

"What do you want?"

"How will you know when you've got it?"

"What stops you now?"

"What do you need in order to get it?"

She also understood that the answers to these questions have to be specified in sensory-based terms, not in vague generalizations or abstractions.  What I find fascinating is how these questions form the basis of most coaching conversations.


I remember talking one day with a friend about the topic of motivation.  He told me that if we could ever figure out how really to motivate people, we could make a fortune.  But those who have taken any leadership training at all know that people do things for their own reasons, not for yours.  And that's the real definition of motivation.  It means to stimulate a motive.  So if we want to motivate somebody, what we've got to do is not come to him with motivation but rather look inside him for his motives.

Focal Point, by Brian Tracy

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