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In Movies

Charlie Chaplin's character in City Lights -- in fact, Dr. Beebe claims this is a very INFJ movie

Hermione Granger (no, not Harry Potter -- probably INFP prefs)

In Capote, the character of Harper Lee seemed to have INFJ prefs

In Don't Come Knocking, the character of Skye seems INFJ -- the Fe and the Ni feel very present, check her "inner knowing"

To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch?? (I must read that novel someday to see what I think.)

In Shopgirl, the character of Mirabelle seemed to display INFJ prefs

The lead in Cold Comfort Farm (seems like an altogether INFJ film!)

Joanna in Two For the Road (felt like an INFJ married to an INTJ, actually)

Joan of Arc as portrayed in The Messenger

Amelie (I go back and forth with her)

Glinda the Good (sort of, by representing introverted iNtuition) in The Wizard of Oz per John Beebe

Again, in Beauty and the Beast, Angela Lansbury as the teapot represents introverted iNtuition (according to Beebe)

Ben Kenobi in Star Wars

Vicki Rusk in About Schmidt (?)

Susan in Talledega Nights

Simon in Henry Fool (no, I've changed my mind -- INTJ is probably a better fit)

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