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When I heard there were type-related books about Sales -- and INFJs were included in the model -- I nearly fell down laughing.  This seemed like a stretch.  I confess, I think Sales are practically the antithesis of everything INFJs are usually good at.  I thought this in spite of the fact that I've made some satisfying sales in my life -- either while working in a Type bookstore and recommending familiar titles, or from selling high-priced computer database solutions, or even bake sale or garage sale items on the rare occasion!

So I took a look at the Brad Cooper model for employing Temperament to understand Sales, and was pleasantly surprised!  While I still don't think it's a good plan for me to attempt earning a living off sales commissions, I have hope that my innate abilities can be used to sell a thing or two -- maybe even my own services!  At the very least, the Brad Cooper guide provides me with a model and a language for coping with sales situations, which seem to be inevitable -- no matter who you are or how you make your living!

It went into even greater depth in his Sales & Type book (co-written with Linda Berens), and I was even more impressed with the wealth of information.

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