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INFJ Inspiration

For me, "inspiration" is a loaded term.  But not in a bad way!  I notice it resonates inside me on some deep level.  It strikes some kind of chord.  The word "inspiration" can be broken down to mean "in spirit" -- which, to me, is introverted iNtuition firing on all cylinders.  For me, that is a spiritual experience.  (Notice how spirit is part of both words: inspiration and spiritual.  Is this how other INFJs experience spirituality I wonder?)

When I am at the top of my game, I am the embodiment of inspiration.  When my life is empty, there is a void, a desert -- a decided lack of inspiration.

I further notice that inspiration and creativity go hand in hand.  My creativity is at its best (of course) when I feel inspired.  And what often inspires me to creativity is being a catalyst in someone's life.  I pull out all the stops for the chance to impact someone's life in a meaningful way (hence this website, for example).

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