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Catalysts like to focus on "potential" -- theirs and others.
                            -Dr. Linda Berens

Each of us has an internal impulse to become more of ourselves.  Artistotle used the term entelechy, which means, roughly, a predisposition toward a certain ultimate form.  In each life-form's nature is contained its entelechy.  It is the entelechy of an acorn to become an oak, it is the entelechy of a caterpillar to become a butterfly, and it is the entelechy of a baby to become an adult.

Many INFJs instinctively know this, and they will often focus upon the potential of individuals and attempt to coax forth the development or course of development of an individual's destiny.  

They tend to believe that when you truly understand yourself -- your nature along with your uniqueness -- you begin to see your purpose in life.  You also get a glimpse of your amazing potential and begin to sense the completeness that is possible, the oak within you.  What's more, you connect with your intrinsic nature.  No outside authority can make choices for you anymore because you replace it with your own inner authority:  Now you make choices because you know who you are and what makes sense for you.

Here are some exercises to help you get to know yourself better, and get a glimpse of your own potential.

Below is something called a Kiviat Graph.  The eight sections are labeled with major areas of life.

With the center of the wheel as zero (couldn't be worse) and the outer edge as a ten (totally rocks), rank your level of satisfaction on each spoke. Then connect all the dots with lines and shade in the inner portions.

How balanced is your wheel? Where do you score lowest? Would you like to raise your score in some of these areas?

This exercise can help you see areas where you might focus on improving your life.

If you want support through life coaching, please contact me and we'll schedule a collaborative interview to see if we make a good team.

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INFJs are often a Holder of Aspirational Vision - Being a "stand" for what is possible and evoking the best of what people can be.  This requires a respectful yet direct form of challenging people, with support, and contradiction of obsolete behaviors, while offering validation for people being and doing the best that they are capable of and supporting breakthroughs in the face of obstacles that often prevent progress toward successful outcomes.  It is about being a clear, consistent, and focused space where people can continuously create a desired future of their choosing and empowering them to invest in what they are passionately invested in by aligning their choices with what has meaning and is deeply purposeful to them.  It also demands bold accountability to the highest intentions and aspirations that those you serve seek to discover.

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