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INFJ Self Care

The Prosperity in Self Appreciation

It's been said that appreciation is the highest and purest vibrational state.  Oprah has been having people write in their gratitude journal for years....Major shifts can be created in your life as a result of this new shift in focus, this new frequency of projection.  Appreciation and gratitude cause you to feel a total up swelling of joy, which in turn, by the Law of Attraction, brings more of what you appreciate into your life.   Remember you attract what you appreciate, and you will repel what you depreciate.  And remember, what you focus on grows!

So where do you begin?  The best place to start is Self Appreciation.   YOU are the foundation for which all things are built upon, or come forth from.  You are the creator of your own world and your own experience, and therefore it is of utmost importance that you begin to see yourself in a new way.   In a powerful and joyous way.  You will find that your ability to create prosperity in your life increases exponentially.  Without self appreciation you will find yourself creating much "lack," because a lackful sense of self worth.

I don't mean to say that ALL of the time you are feeling unworthy, or that ALL of the time you depreciate who you are... not true.  But you have learned in our society to not value yourself as greatly as you could.  You have been taught to not be  put others not be arrogant.  You have been taught it is better to give than to receive.  You have been taught to look in the mirror and compare yourself, inside and out, with what the expectations of others are.  You have been taught there is a right and a wrong way - vs. being taught to listen to your inner being, or your intuition.  You have been taught in many ways to depreciate and invalidate who you are.   

I ask, "Do you appreciate yourself?"  Most often, people say, "Well of course I do..."  We consciously know it is good to appreciate ourselves, but we are taught through the messages of the generations and society not to.  It's an undercurrent that disrupts your greatest channel to abundance and prosperity: yourself.  How can you expect to grow a beautiful flower garden without the soil - the foundation? 

You need to practice self appreciation in an effort to strengthen that foundation, stay in alignment with who you really are, and as a way of honoring yourself as the creator of your own life.  Your life is a  mirror reflection of what you are living on the inside.  Look around.  What do you see?  Could your life benefit from good daily dose of self appreciation? 

As you learn to love and appreciate yourself, all the things that you would like to develop in your life can begin to manifest.  When you are in the state of appreciating, radiating the purest of energy, you are also in the state of allowing those good things to come into your life.  Focusing and appreciating the love that you give to the world will bring more love into your life.  Remember, that which you feel will manifest in your life.   What are you feeling?  What are you radiating?  What are you attracting into your experience?

How does this pertain to financial abundance in your life?  You might have already guessed it, but if you are coming from a place of lack, and cannot appreciate all that you are and all that you deserve, you will not be an open channel to allow financial abundance to flow in and out of your life.  If you do not radiate inner wealth, you will not create outer wealth.  Remember, it's how you feel... If you say, I want to create more money - from your place of already not having enough of it - you will create more of that!  (It's the Law of Attraction.)  But, if you say I want to create more money from a place of great self worth, appreciation, and knowing that the universe is abundant when you allow it to be - then you put yourself in a place to receive more money.  There is great prosperity in the process of self appreciation, financial and otherwise. 

So - how do you go about the process of Self Appreciation?

~ Know there is nothing more important than self appreciation... when you self appreciate, you come from a place of deserving good in your life, and you increase and allow the flow of prosperity in your life.

~ Put yourself first... nothing is more important than that you feel good.  Nothing.  Always turn to what makes you feel good.

~ Practice "extreme self-care," as Thomas Leonard says.  Take good care of you.  Your body, your physical space, your emotions need daily TLC. 

~ Know and affirm:  I accept myself just as I am.

~ Know that you are a perfect being, here to create your life and create freedom.

~ Acknowledge your gifts and strengths.

~ Allow and relax into "all is well" and knowing there is perfect balance in the world.

~ Know you have nothing to "prove."  Having something to prove is only about compensating for a state of lack - and when you radiate lack you know what you get back!  (Lack!)

~  As Abraham-Hicks would say, you are pure positive energy. YOU ARE A LOVER!  Your inner being knows this.  You know this.  If you find yourself feeling negative about who you are, reach for a thought that feels better.  Choose to flow your energy differently.

~ Listen to your inner being, your intuition.  It will not fail you.

~  Forgive yourself always.  When you forgive yourself, you get in touch with who you really are.  You love and appreciate all that you are.

~ Acknowledge or write down 10 things you love about yourself daily, or as often as possible.  The better you get about seeing the good in you, the more prosperity you begin to experience in your life.

~  Have fun with this... be light... don't take life too seriously!

Lori Hamann, Life Coach

* * *

Do you practice Self Care?

Much of our orientation is around taking care of others.  Yes, we have perhaps been told to brush our teeth, eat, and sleep well, wash ourselves, do well in school, be responsible, etc.  But many of us have never been taught that in order to take care of others, we must pay as much attention to our own self-care as we do to others.  Not only that, but taking extraordinary care of ourselves includes time out, playfulness and fun, creative flow, spontaneity, stretching, and much, much more.

Some coaching questions for you to ponder...

How well do you take care of yourself?

Are you exercising consistently?

Do you take time out for fun?

Are you eating wisely and well?

What really makes you laugh?

Have you established specific goals around nutrition and exercise?

What would it be like to take extraordinary care of yourself?

What do you do to rest and rejuvenate yourself?

Does clutter distract you from relaxing?

How often do you take a day just for you?

What have you done nice for yourself lately?

What helps you remember to stop and smell the roses?

How long since your last vacation?

When does this become about you?

When is it okay for you to be first?

At what point does what YOU think matter?

Is the Universe trying to send you a message?

What lesson do you keep getting over and over again?

Will you stop and listen to yourself?

When do you set time limits?

What does relaxation look like to you?

Do you feel guilty when you aren't "doing" anything?

When was the last time you did something "just because"?

* * *