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INFJ Growth

Find an arena where your foresight is valued.  Allow time to enjoy talking for fun with people whose interests and visions lie in the future.  Own your ability to reframe a situation or interaction as one of your greatest gifts.  To live in the moment, remember to share what you and others are hearing, seeing, and feeling right now.  Have a safety net (time and space) to retreat to when overwhelmed by stress and the physical world.  Remember that theories are nice tools to further exploration.  If your understanding of something doesn't suggest how change or growth is possible, then add more depth and experience to that understanding.  Balance what is supportive, friendly, and safe with what challenges the thinking behind your opinions.  Have outlets to express life's many layers and levels.  Try to imagine sometimes that you are like everyone else.  After a period of personal growth, check for external evidence of change.  Keep in mind that learning how to think is more useful than what to think.

Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations,
Dr. Dario Nardi


Validate nudgings and urgings received from the unconscious; develop personal power; make your inner vision real in the outer world; develop confidence; recognize your body signals, which can provide important data; confront others when necessary; relinquish your tendency to please others; modify perfectionistic tendencies when they become personally harmful.

The journey is about getting out of the shell.

Motto:  "Doing is as valuable as pondering."


As with all types, the INFJ can achieve personal growth by developing all functions that are not fully developed, through actions such as:

  • being prepared to declare the INFJ's own personal vision or goals

  • investigating and recognising the facts before interpreting what they mean

  • changing his/her vision to fit more closely with what is possible

  • allowing others to participate in the process of development of the INFJ's vision or ideas, in order to gain their commitment or get a realistic, objective assessment

  • learning to promote the INFJ's ideas to others, recognising that others may well find them valuable

  • listing options and undertaking a formal process of evaluation against criteria, including a cost benefit analysis

by Steve Myers


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