What Is Enough?

What is enough?

If I gave unconditional love to my wife and family.
Would that be enough?

If I were the owner of a value-driven company,
And each employee lived the values at work and home.
Would that be enough?

If I co-created a training program on entrepreneurship,
That was transformational for hundreds of people.
Would that be enough?

{Pace Quickens}
Or what if……
I were the leader of a country,
Where no one was in poverty.
Would that be enough?

THEN how about if………
I could bring peace to the world,
And my name was mentioned alongside Jesus.
Would that be enough?

{With Reverence}
But if I died right now on this hillside, with God in my heart and a smile on my face.
He and I would know.
I am ----- enough.

-by George Johnson