Recipe for Stopping The Cycle Of
Doing It At The Last Second

Here is a recipe that might prompt you to attend to things before they become problematic.


Your Dreaded Task

Two sheets of Legal Paper

One Pen

One heaping cup of Consideration

One large dollop of Honesty

Two level helpings of Memory

One full pinch of Anticipation

One Obvious and Conveniently Located Calendar


Step 1. Using one sheet of Legal Paper and the pen, mix the heaping cup of Consideration to Your Dreaded Task, which will greatly reduce the opportunity for the yeast of overwhelm to make the mixture rise too fast.   List the benefits of having it behind you and the ramifications of putting it off.

Step 2.   Add the dollop of Honesty to the mix, including how it will affect your personal or work life, your health, your family, your co-workers, your finances, and your future.

Step 3. Fold in the two level helpings of Memory relating to how wonderful you felt when you accomplished something on time, and how awful it was when you delayed ruinously.

Step 4. Slowly stir in the full pinch of Anticipation, to alert you to whether you really want to live with the energy drain of an unattended task constantly nagging at you and distracting you from your best efforts.

Step 5. Let the mixture marinate for 15 minutes, to bring out the flavors of timely action, and to soften the bitter taste of having to do the dreaded activity now.

Step 6. Using the second sheet of legal paper, design a plan of action and list of tasks, complete with artificial interim deadlines to assure on-time completion.

Step 7. Transfer contents of the second sheet of paper to the Obvious and Conveniently Located Calendar on appropriate dates, and bake until golden.

-by Coach Kerul Kassel