Ten Top Ways to
Elevate Your Energy

1. Treat your energy supply as if it’s a precious commodity. It is.

2. Assess life in terms of energy bites instead of time. For example, giving a talk may take only an hour, but could involve a huge energy expenditure. It could also give you energy. Take these energy debits and credits into account and make sure the credits are more than the debits.

3. Build a reserve of energy. Most of us generate just enough energy to cope with our lives. Generate more so there is extra in your energy bank. 

4. Listen to your body to get to know the foods that give you energy and the foods that take energy. Eat only the ones that make you thrive. Listen, listen, listen to your body. It is a willing teacher when it comes to energy. 

5. Do what you love. Doing what you love boosts energy.

6. Spend time everyday reviewing all that’s wonderful in your life, particularly when you’re having a hard time. Gratitude makes energy move.

7. Express your appreciations and love at every opportunity. Expressing positive emotions makes energy dance.

8. Forgive yourself and those around you for being imperfect. God-Spirit is still working on all of us. Accept the evolutionary process and relax.

9. Watch for people and situations that drain you. Learn caring and clear languaging skills for putting up strong boundaries. Acknowledge that you have the right to spend your energy in the way you wish. You do not ‘owe’ anyone anything.

10. Ask for help. Why waste a lot of energy trying to figure something out when there are people who already have? Acquire their help. When you hit something that feels impossible, offer it over to God-Spirit. Some things are bigger than you are. Let the Big Intelligence handle them.

-by Coach Karen Kaddy