The Quickest Road to Success

by Jason M. Gracia

Much has been said about the trouble of a negative attitude and the power of a positive outlook. It has always been one against the other, with optimism always winning out in the end. But there is a third way, and in my opinion, it is the most powerful and beneficial of all outlooks. What is it?


Whether we like it or not, the world is neither good or bad, positive or negative. The world simply is. It favors no side, and throws bad luck toward no predetermined party. It is a mirror, giving back to us what we give to it. To understand this single idea is to gain the most empowering mind set possible. The world is yours for the taking.

Marcelle Abney was a young woman living with cerebral palsy. For some, this would have brought an end to any hope for a successful and enjoyable life. It overwhelmed Marcelle many times, and she wondered why the world did this to her. This mind set didn't last long. The reality was, she had cerebral palsy. She didn't do anything to deserve it, she simply had it.

Instead of dwelling on the unfairness of life, she took her condition and made it work for her. Today, Marcelle is a successful occupational therapist. Early on, she decided that her condition would give her an advantage working with others who could relate to her setbacks and needs. Marcelle saw the world as it was, and made it work for her.

The world is exactly like a computer. You put in software, your actions, and it delivers the appropriate feedback and reaction. Jeff Pryor was dealing with a handful of interpersonal difficulties at work. He didn't get along well with others, blaming their abrasive and unfriendly personalities for the situation.

But then something happened. A friend took Jeff aside and had a little talk with him. It went something like this. "Jeff, I know you've been having some trouble with the staff lately, and I know why you think it is happening. I'm here, as your friend, to tell you the truth. The people aren't unfriendly, and would be more than happy to treat you better if you would start to treat them better."

"You see, Jeff, by thinking that your coworkers don't like you, you treated them that way from the start. They merely responded to your input. The reality is, you treat them like friends, and they'll respond with friendship."

Soon after, Jeff was enjoying work and his coworkers more than ever before. When he realized that he viewed the world in a way that made his life unbearable, he was able to shape his perceptions differently, bringing him desirable results.

If you emit negatives and frustration, you will receive negative outcomes and frustrating circumstances. The world doesn't care who you are, or what you do. Its only job is to respond to what you give it. Now that you know how it works, start playing the game to win and succeed.

Perhaps you feel the odds are against you, and you were dealt a bad hand in life. Maybe you are having difficulty losing weight, or can't seem to stop smoking. You may want to get a better job and make more money, or you simply may want to live a better life. Whatever it is, you can do it, be it, or get it.


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