You Are Here

You are here not to impress anyone, but to improve everyone. 

You are here not to grab all you can, but to give all you are.

You are here not to regret where you've been or worry about where you are going.

You are here to live with all the fullness and richness you can imagine.

You are here to question, to answer, to search and to find. You are here to love, to experience, to know and to share. You are here to create, to encourage, to build and grow and support. 

You are here to think, to act, and by so doing to make life all the more meaningful by way of your presence.

You are here now, able to do all these things and more in this very moment. Go far, far beyond those pretenses and anxieties that only serve to weigh you down.

You are here now, and the possibilities are everything you could ever imagine.

Live them, here, now.

-Ralph Marston