Figure Out Money

In today's society, there is an ever-increasing array of stuff we are tempted to buy -- new furniture, the latest electronics, this season's must-have dress, that hot new car . . . the list goes on.  But it's all a trap.  Growing scientific research shows that an obsession with material gain actually makes us less happy.  Positive Psychology expert Martin Seligman has shown that those who focus purely on making more money are less happy than the average person.

What's more, it has been proven that once someone's income rises above the basic poverty line, there is little difference in happiness between them and the rich.  Studies indicate that the availability of material possessions is nine times less vital to happiness than personal assets like friends and family.  Clearly, the old adage is true:  you can't buy happiness.

You may wish to hire a money coach, or explore your relationship to money.  I recommend INFJ Shell Tain and her free classes on money.