Express Your Love

Telling someone how much you love them is usually going to make them feel pretty fantastic.  In fact, a recent research study shows that being told "I'm loved" ranked in the top ten most pleasant activities the subjects reported.

Interestingly, it also works the other way.

Researchers on wellbeing have shown that expressing our love for someone makes us feel good too.  What's more, that feeling tends to stay with us throughout the day.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to forget to take the time to show our love for those we care for.  Ask yourself, "Who are the five people in the world I care about most, and when was the last time I sat down and expressed that to them?"

It is suggested that one method for doing this is to write that person a letter, then go to meet them in person, and Read The Letter Aloud to them.  Then, when you are finished, give them the letter to keep.

People report having extraordinary experiences as a result of trying this, that impacted their whole life in a very big way.  So, try it out!