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The INFJ "Handbook"

Life will provide you with signs. But you have to be willing to see those signs and to follow whatever path they lead you on. And whatever path you follow will lead you to your happiness.     

-Kent Amos

* * *

A number of INFJs have confided that they wish they could have gotten a "handbook" when they were born.  And who can blame them -- we do feel rather alien at times.

Well, it's a day late and a dollar short, but here's an attempt at providing something that resembles a "handbook."  I hope you find it helpful.  Use the menu to navigate through the pages.

Please keep the following in mind if you are seeking guidance:

The philosopher Joseph Campbell said if you see your path laid out in front of you Step One, Step Two, Step Three, you only know one thing for sure:  It's not your path.  Your path is created in the moment of action.  If you can see it laid out in front of you, it means you can be sure it is someone else's path.  That's why you see it so clearly.

The last thing you need is someone else's "how to" list.  What you need to do is take your own first step.

* * *

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